czwartek, 24 lipca 2014

Сумрачных порханий Юдоль. August 16th 2014. on "weakie discs".

OMUT MORA is a one man run project from Stary Oskol (Russia), based on experimentation with the genre of ambient, noise and folk. The project was formed February 6, 2008. Founder and sole member is a certain Victor “The Day”. "Сумрачных порханий Юдоль" out August 16th 2014 on cassette tapes!

czwartek, 12 czerwca 2014

finally!!! "Il Recinto" out today!!!

road to Never Else

in time when we're waiting for "Il Recinto",  here's other great stuff, release which is a part of Hannah Festival.

środa, 4 czerwca 2014

'Il Recinto' dwell in your head June 13, 2014. For ever.

'Il Recinto' is the new album from a unique musical project La Capra. What you need to emphasize the project with a fresh and original approach to create. In the jungle of samples, synth sounds, disturbing noise and vocal lines emerging music incredibly well composed, sometimes difficult, but maybe that's why giving so much satisfaction. Anyway, just listen. 

'Il Recinto' dwell in your head June 13, 2014. For ever.

sobota, 31 maja 2014

new EP from rzo the singer!!!

new EP from rzo the singer out May 31st on CD!!!

niedziela, 25 maja 2014

środa, 30 kwietnia 2014

Sraczka Dziwaczka.....

ten years ago two mentally ill peaople took to their hands bass guitar, microphone and computer... 
selection of published tracks from 2004 to 2012. 
some tracks of this sick guys still waiting to be published...