piątek, 3 października 2014

Silke Berlinn's EP on cassette out October 11th !!!

Silke Berlinn started out singing in a Catholic girl’s choir at the age of six and today is known for the famous proto & post punk bands she has been in.
Silke had three-record contract with Columbia Records negotiated with former Blondie manager  Gino Riccardi, but she failed to fulfill due to having had a nervous breakdown in the late eighties.  She picked up herself though! After kicking drugs Silke succesfully pursued a Bechelor’s Degree  in English Literatureand had some of her poetry puplished by Boston College, but she decided to return to the music scene. Afew years later Silke went on to write hery yet unpublished memoirs of her times as a NYC underground figure entitled „Queen of the Underground”.
Silke has recorded and been linked romantically with Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, Dee Dee Ramone,  Luigi Scorcia of the Johny Thunders’ band and LaCosa Nostra, Jerry Nolan of the new York Dolls, Fast Floyd and Keith Dailidenas of David Bowie, The New York Dolls and the Addictions.

sobota, 23 sierpnia 2014

Visiting friends #2 : Underpolen Netlabel.

Underpolen is an informal art gathering / Netlabel, created by Jan Strach mainly to organize and catalogue all the musical and “artistic” projects he took / takes part in. The next, dream goal of Underpolen will be releasing and promoting other amateur artists taking the non-traditional routes in their music, making up for the lack of technical abilities and experience with originality and innovation (genre irrelevant).

Check out interesting tunes from this unique artists: