piątek, 11 kwietnia 2014

April 22' 2014!! zheimeer's album "Anacolutha" will change your music world....

zheimeer is a band whose members are audio devices ( sampler , sequencer , synthesizer, etc. . ) ; in the expression of their creative thinking helps a man , Adrian Zalewski , who is the coordinator of their activities and tutor during concerts; zheimeer not committed to any targets, loves the dissonance , sound clusters, incompetence and confusion. Not interested in the heroic spasms, but weak and embarrassed sounds, and even silly , simple melodies ... what matters most is pure and unfettered joy of connecting with the issuance of sound, and when it is , there is a zheimeer band.

piątek, 4 kwietnia 2014

new Floppies and downloads are here!!!

wtorek, 11 marca 2014

#3 issue of p.s.o.e.a.a.s.t.t.o.s.s. !!!!

poniedziałek, 24 lutego 2014

team from Cadiz will kick your ass!!!

the average lifespan of a mosquito is only eleven days, so we are flies supporters. we met in the year that the water supply was stopped at eight o'clock. motivated by the carnival rides and inspired by working machinery we were immersed in a world of fantasy and irony. and, as we do not know how to draw well, we do mundane real life and songs to all of you. Chochos y Moscas, experimental-boogaloo-grind-noise-merengue-powerviolence-salsacore for the people.

czwartek, 20 lutego 2014

Chochos y Moscas strikes again!!!

There are three band members, four in live shows. They are boring musicians who always been into the hardcore/skate/music scene in our little city, Cádiz, spain. The southern part of europe. They didn´t do nothing serious till now so in summer 2013 they decided to do the most unserious band in the world, Chochos y Moscas (pussies and flies).

Also just look at the not inconsiderable discography of the band:

- 18 digital albums in our bandcamp
- split cd-r with ShitNoiseBastards, from malaysia. released by Emocaust Records (spain)
- "Placenta lovers" cd-r. released by Placenta Recordigs (usa)
- "Involution" floppy disc. released by Sacrificial Tapes (scotland) 
- split with Eoforwine (hungary) floppy disc. released by Floppy Kick Records (hungary)
- three way split cd-r with Genetikai Hulladék & Pornthegore. released by Insane Depravity Records (hungary)
- split with Arseflux, released by Vilenoise Recordigs (scotland)

Soon you'll hear more freak music from they on "weakie discs" Floppy !!!

poniedziałek, 27 stycznia 2014

'Chicago - California Goldball'. Listen. Get a CD. Download. 02.02.2014!!!

February 2nd  something special will happen. We will have the opportunity to listen to first physical release of Rust, interesting, fresh team out of Turkey.  Album 'Chicago - California Goldball' will out on 50 CDrs. That's what first attracts attention, is an amazing atmosphere and really great lyrics (something, that lacking many young bands). The team defines itself as 'gothic country', and indeed, there is no way this music called differently. In contrast, let's be far from such simplifications. When we hear this incredible, disturbing voice of Mert Yeygun and insane guitar of Tolga Cinar, we know we are dealing with an exceptional team. Musicians invited to cooperate with designer Goker Ozkemer, which completes its work of the extraordinary atmosphere of these great songs. So get a CD, or if you do not succeed (there will be only 50 copies), download the digital version!

poniedziałek, 20 stycznia 2014

meet "Rust"!

meet "Rust", new member of 'weakie discs' family, great lo-fi turkish band and read what they said about themselves.

"We're the Rust_Band; an amateur, two piece, self-proclaimed gothic country/lo-fi band from Istanbul, Turkey.

Although we've been around for a short 7 months period, we managed to gather a small but loyal group of fans with certain tastes who have been real supporters of our work from the beginning. 

After a couple of months, we even began to receive positive comments and feedbacks from artists like Zebulon Whatley (of Sons of Perdition) and Curwen. The fact that we've been recording our tracks with so little equipment and with almost no advertisement or profit made the love coming from people much more valuable. 

We have branded as "unique" by almost every one of our followers, so we aim to keep it that way. Please check us out and spread the love!"

środa, 8 stycznia 2014

new releases from weakie discs!