sobota, 23 sierpnia 2014

Visiting friends #2 : Underpolen Netlabel.

Underpolen is an informal art gathering / Netlabel, created by Jan Strach mainly to organize and catalogue all the musical and “artistic” projects he took / takes part in. The next, dream goal of Underpolen will be releasing and promoting other amateur artists taking the non-traditional routes in their music, making up for the lack of technical abilities and experience with originality and innovation (genre irrelevant).

Check out interesting tunes from this unique artists:

środa, 13 sierpnia 2014

today we're started new series: "VISITING FRIENDS" . at first, welcome to Perm, Russia: "Pikkalma Product" DIY label !!!

Listen to Alexey, founder of this awesome and unique DIY label:

The story of Pikkalma product started near by rubbish chute.
When I went to throw out the garbage, I found there cassette recorder with 2 decks Sony SFC-715S. It was on 2012 (middle of the summer).  I have long time dreamed about the publishing activity watching on these great-looking releases on the internet and those that came to me by mail. Especially, I was inspired by Full of Nothing, label  from Petrozavodsk (RU). They always send you more, than you ordered.

The first release was album of my band Lo-Fi Woman. Noisey -Teenage-time-killer-outsider-punk. Edition was 55 cassettes, which I had collected through the familiar and unfamiliar people. All tapes was sold within 2 weeks. I've just posted an ad on my site, that we give our album just like that, free of charge (or exchange), just let them pay for shipping. Cover was printed by home printer on color paper, it contained black-n-white photo of us from last gig, and insert with pictures of b-movie characters.

I must say, that "success" of my first release completely, absolutely, irrevocably drove me crazy at all.  Next releases  came out pretty soon, very different in genre, and basically I was involved in almost every musical project which I released. Then, first paper zine "Richard and Alexey" was appeared. It was printed out on home printer too.  Firstly, It gave my opportunity to experiment with the format, which I did. Secondly, I  was embarrassed at first to go to the printing house, I naively thought that they were do care about my drawings hahah, and I had no money too much also.

I continued to exchange or simply gift my releases. I never thought about money and everything was moving on pure desire to create. I made friends with several similar labels, did some joint releases with Weakie Discs and Post-Materialization music, took part in some art exhibitions.

Every year on 31 December I make art-zine "Pikkalma zine" (net only). It contains self made postcard, which I sent with every order + releases artworks + other elements of my activity for the year.

As time passes, I certainly came to printing house, realizing that there is not too expensive and artwork looks pretty.
Last my biggest proud is full-colored zine "Ăîđîä Ďčđŕňîâ (Gorod Piratov)", which contains some interviews with very interesting artists + a lot of collages and drawings from me and different people.

Recently Pikkalma product opened an office in St. Petersburg. Really, these big words just mean the moving of my friend into this city and he spread pikkalma's releases there.

"Nie każ mi wojować" Polish folk with gamelan sounds (!). you can still order a custom tape!

wtorek, 5 sierpnia 2014

"Dżon" out August 23rd on cassette.

Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności is an experimental pop music
project of Jan Strach. The songs are made from the parts of swirling
samples and Casio's melodies - sometimes have contractual structures,
but often changing shape from minute to minute.
Melodic beats with varying time signatures, genres collide with a hiss
and serious topics with less serious stuff. Everything as always close
to the spirit of DIY and joyful style amateur lo-fi.

niedziela, 3 sierpnia 2014

"Lxnnnie in Disasterland" out on cassettes August 27th to celebrate 108th anniversary of Ed Gein's birth.


"Lxnnnie in Disasterland" is a classic hi-fi album that definitively defines Lxnnnie's own personal genre he calls "Schizodelia". Lxnnnie is in fact a certified schizophrenic and has stated that this is his first attempt at writing and compiling an entire album to demonstrate what it actually sounds like in his head. An album 12 years in the making, the songs were written and recorded between 1997 and 2009, all compiled and remixed together for the ultimate schizodelic trip. Intended to be listened to from beginning to end in order to experience the complete roller coaster ride through his uninhibited dementia. All songs on this "disasterpiece" are very well crafted and at times extremely hooky. The entire program is laced with samples and sound collages which provoke the listener to wonder "What the hell is going to happen next?" and really exemplify the mind of an all too arduous illness. The lyrics suggest an intriguing insight into what it must be like to truly be insane or at least inside sanity. Highlights include the reminiscent and psychedelic "Paisley Rain", the peer pressure ridden stomp "They Said It Would Be Fun" and the somehow comforting "Wandering And Wondering". On the other hand, the macabre confession and/or parental advisory of "Kill And Kill Again" will leave you wondering which side of the spectrum Lxnnnie is actually on. I would have to say both, as the album defies the average concept of "concept albums" by somehow coherently traveling in all directions at once, which in itself, seems to be the concept. If you are into Beck, Ween, Ariel Pink and the likes, you will undoubtedly add this album to your list of favorites and subsequently start the backwards journey through Lxnnnie's madness with the rest of his discography. I highly recommend this album to be "experienced" at least once..... It's kind of like LSD though.... Once you take the trip, you're never the same again. 
Now, it will be released on cassettes August 27th to celebrate 108th anniversary of Ed Gein's birth.

'weakie discs' cassettes out on August

August 16th Omut Mora "Сумрачных порханий Юдоль".
August 23rd Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności "Dżon"
August 27th Lxnnnie "Lxnnnie in Disasterland"